Inspection Service

Global Plant Service provides inspection activity as a third party inspection agency or on behalf of customers by dispatching the experts from each field.

All inspections are conducted in accordance with the requirements of regulations and standards of countries around the world, customer needs and specific requests, and we are working to promptly report and respond to problems when found.

Furthermore, Our well-organized inspection report and the related documents will be submitted so that the customer can easily check the inspection status after completion of the inspection at the customer`s request.

Providing inspection service as below

∙ Pre-Inspection Meeting

∙ Material and mechanical testing

∙ Welding monitoring and inspection

∙ Visual and dimensional inspection

∙ Trial assembly and final inspection

∙ Non-Destructive Examination

∙ Pressure and leakage test

∙ Function and performance test

∙ Preservation and painting inspection

∙ Load test and packing inspection

∙ Manufacturer`s document package review

Global Plant Service dispatches our expeditors on behalf of customers in order to ensure that the project remains on schedule.


From the time of material purchase to the point of delivery standby, we provide the detail schedule management for each process with the accurate reporting is made.


Our expediting services help you to avoid delays and ensure compliance with contractual delivery conditions and specifications.


Providing expediting service as below as below

∙ Supplier and project documentation

∙ Material procurement status (Material availability)

∙ Work progress analysis (Delay prevention)

∙ Management of production schedule

∙ Inspection and testing

∙ Shipment

Global Plant Service provides accurate and efficient technical advising services to our customer by dispatching to the inexperienced vendors or installation sites based on customer`s specification and their requirements.

As it contracts with technicians or agents from around the world who are familiar with inspection, quality control, and process progress management of plant facilities, it can respond globally.

Technical advising (Welding, non-destructive testing, manufacturing technology and installation guidance) is provided by experts familiar with the product or manufacturing process.

Providing technical advising service

∙ Customer`s specification and requirement advice

∙ Consultation of manufacturing progress guideline

∙ Fabrication and installation advice

∙ Trouble shooting and solution providing

Global Plant Service

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Global Plant Service

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