Consulting Service

When procuring equipment overseas, in order to dispel quality concerns about products made by overseas vendors, Global Plant Service visits factories of overseas vendors before manufacturing to investigate and evaluate the quality system and manufacturing facilities and technology.

It is also possible to assist in selecting the best vendor for procuring equipment when the production vendor has not been decided

We carry out specialized audits by inspectors and auditors with abundant experience in quality audits and provide reports that meet the needs of our customers.

The audit will be conducted according to the check items created after confirming the necessary items with the customer in advance.

Providing our services as below

· Due diligence
· Verification of vendor`s quality management system
· Vendor`s assessment condition and qualification status check
· Factory capability audit

Global Plant Service offers our well-prepared services of manpower consultancy, job placement and recruitment in the field of Power Plant and Oil & Gas Industries.

Local manpower service provides professionals which includes Designers, Engineers, Inspectors, Safety Personnel, Technicians, Electricians, Operators, Supervisors, Technical Advisors, Foremen, Fabricators, Welders, and a variety of manpower needed for your jobs.

Providing our services as below

· Design
· Quality Assurance Program
· Quality Control Inspection
· Fabrication & Assembly
· Administration & Documents control.
· Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Global Plant Service provides manufacturing and quality management consulting services for domestic or overseas manufacturing companies that are not experienced or familiar with specific national standard or international standard.

Providing our services as below.

· WPS/PQR consulting services.
· ITP & Quality Plan Development.
· Specification & Procedure Development.
· Technical Assistance & Advice.
· Training & Qualification.
· METI Code (電気事業法)

Global Plant Service support and provides to our customers, who need a place to stay, to find execute rental services for the any kinds of accommodation that amenities are nearby.

We also support to find all kinds of transportation for your comfort business trip as well.

Providing our services as below
· Reservation services for hotel, taxi and vehicle.
· Rental services for accommodation, vehicle and Etc.
· Personal health care support.
· Office & IT support.
· Other miscellaneous.

Global Plant Service

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Global Plant Service

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