Procurement Service

Global Plant Service promptly responds to quality audits for domestic and overseas vendors, quality control for procured products, delivery date management, production guidance, etc.

by making full use of the network of overseas inspection companies and experts.

It is also possible to provide guidance such as quality guidance at the time of manufacturing and record creation to vendors who are not familiar with domestic and overseas laws and regulations and standards.

Global Plant Service have been utilizing our human resources and networks of the experts to domestic or overseas vendors in order to manage our customer`s projects for the production guidance, schedule management, quality audit, procured quality control, delivery date management and additional activities from our customers.

Before project, a reliable company is selected according to GPS`s audit manual/procedure and all our services will be reflected to manufacturing process in order to maintain the quality control and the process control effectively and successfully.

We can also provide our training and consulting services for the vendors who are not experienced and familiar with the standards and laws of a particular country.

So please contact us for more information.

Global Plant Service

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Global Plant Service

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